RockReef Adventure Attraction sponsors Waveslider Photography!

Sep 26, 2022

RockReef Adventure Attraction sponsors Waveslider Photography!

RockReef Adventure Attraction on Bournemouth Pier sponsored Waveslider Photography for the 2022 Bournemouth Air Festival. The successful collaboration brought together two local businesses with shared passions for fun, adventure and the outdoors.

Carl Draper MD at Waveslider Photography said, “RockReef’s sponsorship enabled me to hire the Nikon 800 mm 5.6 fled lens for the Bournemouth Air Festival! I took a few days, in advance of the show, to practise and have fun with it to ensure that I would be able to capture the best pictures possible during the festival. 

“I’ve wanted to try this lens for the last 5 years!  The lens enabled my mind to spread its wings and took away the restrictions of my existing kit and enabled me to go to the next level, be miles away from the air show and yet get some brilliant pictures of the aircraft.  For example, I was 2 miles west of the pier and captured the best Red Arrows pictures that I have ever achieved. Heading away from the beach, also enabled me to be able to put in a backdrop such as the polar bear of the Isle of Wight Needles.  I would like to offer huge thanks to the team at RockReef.”

Sarah Hunter, RockReef Marketing Manager said “We were thrilled to be able to work with such a talented local photographer. Waveslider Photography has such great creative vision and sponsoring him for the Air Festival enabled him to use that creative vision with the use of a high spec camera lens, capturing some amazing and unique photos.

“We are so impressed with all the images captured and we look forward to working in partnership again soon.”