Saffery Webinar – Onwards and upwards – lessons learnt in the charity sector

Aug 11, 2021

Saffery Champness hosted a webinar for their charity clients entitled, ‘Onwards and upwards’. Attendees shared experiences from over the last 15 months during the pandemic and talked about the lessons learnt, challenges faced and opportunities arising. 

“Relentless, challenging, thought provoking and busy” were just some of the words used to describe the period.

Will Travers, Co- Founder & Executive President of The Born Free Foundation and Dean Daniels, Director of Finance at Weldmar Hospice Care were interviewed by Saffery staff.  Reflections included insight such as:   

o   Unsurprisingly, it has been a year of uncertainty, with limitations on primary activities.

o   Fundraising has come to a standstill but is slowly making a return as restrictions reduce.

o   Both charities were able to make quick changes to adapt to working from home and remote meetings.

o   Whilst virtual meetings have, at times, seemed relentless, Patrons and third parties have received a seamless service.

Their top tips included:

o   Embrace change and be adaptable.

o   Do what you can today not tomorrow.

o   Don’t panic. Have faith in yourselves! Keep calm and carry on!

Casidhe  Baleri, Director – Audit at Safferys said, “Coronavirus has impacted the charity sector in an uneven and unpredictable way, with some charities having recorded a very successful year whilst others have struggled to stay afloat. Through talking, listening and sharing experience we can help to support each other. Those who attended the webinar told us that they would be keen to revisit the topic of lessons learned in a year’s time – we look forward to it!”