Saffery Webinar – Entrepreneurs: Driving Business Performance

Aug 3, 2021

Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants held their second webinar of a 12- part series to support Entrepreneurs. Hosted by Alistair Hunt, a partner in the Peterborough Office, this webinar entitled “Entrepreneurs: Driving Business Performance” was joined by Chris Zanone from Centurion Safety Products and Ashley Maile from Treerange Group, who discussed the value of KPIs in driving business performance and growth.

The panel discussed the value of key performance measures, how to set them, how to track them and the importance of tailoring them so that they drive the behaviours of your employees and match the culture of your business. Some great advice was given on how to set KPIs to achieve this by focusing on performance measures which will really push your business forward whilst avoiding the trap of chasing the numbers. To see the full webinar, visit Entrepreneurs Webinar | Driving Business Performance – Saffery Champness.

William Howell, Manager- Audit in the Bournemouth Office said, “Our series of webinars provide business tips to entrepreneurs. This event was well received, with good attendance, and delivered some fantastic snippets of advice on how entrepreneurs can better measure performance to drive their business forward. We look forward to the remainder of the series with upcoming webinars covering topics in business management, tax and strategy.”

For a full programme of upcoming webinars go to Events – Saffery Champness.