Matt West joins draperVENT as Managing Director

Apr 1, 2021

Matt West has joined Dorset based draperVENT as Managing Director. He brings a wealth of experience, from across a diverse mix of sectors. 

Matt said, “I am really excited to have joined the team at draperVENT.  We have ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years, with the aim to increase our turnover from £10m to £30m. I bring more than just accounting skills, having always been involved on the commercial side of finance. 

“There’s huge potential in the business and we have the right mix and talent pool of people on board to achieve our goals.” 

Founder Director Paul Draper added, “Matt’s arrival has come at the perfect time for the business – it is allowing me to return to the core of the business, which is innovation, and work at what I do best and love.” 

About draperVENT

At draperVENT we use our extensive experience to develop climate control systems for broilers that encourage the birds’ full genetic potential. We not only deliver the equipment but will work with you during the first few crops to ensure that you learn to secure the best possible bird performance.

  • Decades of experience have led us to design broiler house climate control technology that specifically suits the conditions that prevail in the UK.
  • Our systems are fine-tuned to provide the crop environment that encourages the full genetic potential from your birds. We collect data from each crop to point the way to future improvement.
  • We offer training and continuous mentoring for our growers, working with them to attain the very best crop results.
  • We understand the working day of our growers and have used this knowledge to create user-friendly practical systems that offer rugged durability. Highly automated but easy to pilot. Still retaining the stockman’s ability to influence & with support available 24/7.
  • Our customers join a community of success where all share in knowledge gained.
  • We listen