Tom Burn Media showcases outstanding photographic support for MYTIME Young Carers’ Charity

Sep 15, 2020

Poole based business, Tom Burn Media has shown its support for MYTIME Young Carers, by lending its photographic talent. MYTIME Young Carers has an outdoor activity centre, based at Worth Matravers in the Purbecks and it is used for activity days by young carers from across Dorset and the UK. It is also used as a welcome source of income for the charity when the stunningly located building gets rented out to other charitable organisations and groups for residential breaks.

 Executive Director Krista Sharp said, “Tom Burn contacted me to offer to take some photos of the centre, which we are really pleased to say we have been able to open again, with covid protocols in place. Since reopening, we have had a group of young carers from Birmingham stay for a residential, families visiting as commercial clients and we have hosted some Dorset young carers for activity days there. 

“The photos that Tom has taken will be so useful to help us advertise the centre and showcase its amazing location. It currently costs £350 a night to stay and sleeps 24. When people book the centre their money helps us to provide free stays for young carers so they can get a really vital break from their caring responsibilities. 

“We offer our huge thanks to Tom. Not only do we appreciate his generosity but we also appreciate what a brilliantly talented photographer he is.” Tom advised,

“’I saw the work MYTIME was doing throughout lockdown to support these incredible young carers, they have so much weight on their shoulders on top of the usual stresses and strains of growing up. I was just happy to lend my services in order to help highlight how people can help MYTIME Young Carers support these children.”

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About MYTIME Young Carers

 MYTIME Young Carers seeks to provide young carers between the age of 5-25 with the support, opportunities and friendship that help to level the playing field. In the UK, there are an estimated 700,000 young carers, yet only 166,000 are registered as such. This means that the vast majority are facing the challenges of caring for a vulnerable relative, without support from their school or local authority. It also means that the scale and nature of the challenges young carers face are hidden and often misunderstood. It is our aim to help young carers overcome these challenges, and to create a society which is more aware, inclusive and supportive of young carers.