Vital lifeline for young carers in Dorset comes to an end – ITV News Meridian

Aug 6, 2020

Bags full of food shopping on doorstep.
Volunteer bikers have been helping the MYTime Young Carers charity deliver food parcels in Dorset. Credit: ITV Meridian

For the past twelve weeks, volunteer bikers have been helping the MYTime Young Carers charity deliver food parcels in Dorset. 

Now funding run out, the service will have to be suspended.

Twenty families every week have been benefiting from the service, and although there is still the will and the desire to continue, more money is needed.

The respite offered to the youngsters during this difficult time has been invaluable.

This is something that they would have been doing before lockdown anyway – doing that food shop for their families, so hopefully we’ve given them the steps and the security to walk back into this as things are being eased a bit more comfortably.Ellie Talebian, MYTime Young Carers charity

Once the food parcels are packaged up they’re given to a team of bikers called the Bike Shed Community Response, who are on-call volunteer riders. 

Food and supplies are driven all over the county from the base in Poole.

3 motorbikes parked on road.
A group of bikers called Bike Shed Community Response delivered food to young carers.Credit: ITV Meridian

For 14 year-old Ruby Goddard, it has made her life easier as she cares for her mum Denise during lockdown.

14 year-old girl with pale hair smiles.
14 year-old Ruby cares for her mum.Credit: ITV Meridian

Volunteer delivery bikers like Emma say they are ready to help again.

MYTime Carers charity will need to raise more money if the service is to continue.