Barker shifts to collection and delivery service – Dorset Biz News

Apr 3, 2020

Dorset-based Barker Business Dry Cleaning and Laundry has extended its contactless dry cleaning and laundry services. MD Matthew Barker said, “We already provide a private laundry service across Greater London and southern England to approximately 3,500 customers, providing a weekly collection and delivery laundry service. In the current coronavirus pandemic we have decided to extend our collection and delivery services.

“Maintaining a clean environment is more important than ever to protect our health and we urge clients and potential clients to use our services to help eliminate the risk of catching and spreading COVID -19.

“There is much ongoing research currently being undertaken to establish the temperature at which the virus is killed, albeit this is currently undetermined. “In our dry cleaning process and our ‘fully finished’ laundry service process we subject fabrics to way in excess of 60 degrees celsius and are confident that these temperatures are sufficient to kill the virus.” Read more in #DorsetBizNews