Coleman Marine Insurance sponsors the Professional Boatman’s Association AGM event

Feb 3, 2020

Coleman Marine Insurance, part of global broking giant Gallagher, sponsored the annual Professional Boatman’s Association (PBA) AGM event, which took place at the internationally renowned Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis in Dorset on the 28th January.

The PBA was established in 1991 and set up to act as a voice representing small commercial vessels across the UK.  Its aims are to promote safety at sea and to monitor new legislation that is regularly introduced to the industry. 

PBA Chairman Philip Higgins advised, “The annual AGM enables us to bring to the table any new business or amendments that require legislation and allows our members to discuss and approve.  It’s an open meeting and is a fantastically useful forum in which we can learn issues and opportunities that affect our industry – we are able to meet Government and non-Governmental associates that have a direct impact on our businesses.

“Today’s event has been great for meeting up with our members. In our industry, as individual operators, we talk to one another regularly on the radio but this event allows us to put faces to a name. It’s very sociable, with lots of camaraderie amongst our members.

“We’ve also enjoyed an incredibly interesting tour of the Boat Building Academy which has an outstanding international reputation in the fields of boat building and furniture making and runs a flagship 40- week boat building coarse teaching men and women to build boats to industry standards. It was great to see the students at work.”

PBA Membership Secretary Lyle Stantiford said, “We are always keen to recruit new members.  Once our members have joined they tend to stay members whilst they remain in the profession.  We are able to share a vast amount of marine knowledge and experience from ports across the UK.  Our members are mainly angling and diving charters skippers but we would welcome any yacht charters to join.  Please visit out website to learn more about us and apply for membership.”

Coleman Marine Insurance Yacht and Commercial Craft Executive, Tony Pauffley added, “We are proud to have supported the PBA since its inception  As a specialist broker it is hugely important for us to understand the industry and issues in order that we are able to provide appropriate insurance. Last year we launched a policy specifically tailored to PBA member needs.  It has had a great take up because of the pricing points and the depth and flexibility of cover provided. It’s been really good to meet up with PBA members again today and we look forward to continuing to support the Association in the future.”

Boat Building Academy Principal Will Reed concluded, “We were delighted to host the PBA at the Boat Building Academy. The members showed a real interest in the boats being built, the progress of our students and with the aims of our organisation. It was also a pleasure to hear a little more about the supportive service that they offer.”

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 About the Boat Building Academy

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