Dorset Business Angels appeal for ‘would be’ investors to come along to pitch event

Oct 8, 2019

Dorset Business Angels (DBA) have announced the date for their next investors’ pitch event which will take place on Monday 28th October at the Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Carlton and is urging potential investors to book a place at the popular event. Businesses pitch in a Dragon’s Den type forum, in a bid to grab the attention and investment from Angel Investors.

DBA Chairman Don McQueen advises, “We would very much like to encourage potential investors to come along, network and maybe discover an exciting, new investor proposition. Even if someone has not invested before you would be made very welcome at our event, even to just come along and listen!”

“As ever, we received a large number of applications from businesses interested in pitching.  We have selected a diverse mix of 5 to come along and present to us. These include:

·       A company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium matrix composite materials.  These are used in many applications in the aerospace, marine, automotive and sport industries. They exhibit the same strength as today’s familiar carbon-fibre structures, but have the advantage of lower weight and cost.

·       An eCommerce company whose ambitious aim is to disrupt the major players in the B2C marketplace by offering a fairer and more transparent experience for both its buyers and sellers.

·       A Workplace Practices company that has launched an ‘adaptability’ platform, with AI, machine learning and predictability insights to produce an ‘Adaptability Quotient’ for the individuals and the organisation they work for.  Describing an ‘AQ’ score as a step-ladder for job seekers, a lifeline for employees and a valuable metric for CEO’s, HR Depts, investors and recruitment companies.

·       A company in the Childcare sector which has patented a jacket expander which allows its wearers to continue wearing their favourite jacket throughout pregnancy and afterwards when carrying their baby. The product is stocked in over 80 UK retail outlets and is available on Amazon in Europe, USA and Canada. An efficient e-Commerce website serves retailers and distributors across Europe.

·       In the Saas sector, a company will present a platform that measures personal productivity linked to goals, using AI and machine learning to create a product unique to the market. The platform is currently being used successfully by over 100 coaches and 10K+ clients with the aim of attracting more SME’s and larger corporates.”

DBA was formed in 2013 with the aim to bring investors and entrepreneurs together to accelerate the growth of early stage businesses. DBA provides quality, private equity investment opportunities to local high net worth (HNW) and sophisticated investors (SI).

Four times a year companies are invited to attend an event at which they pitch their business to the savvy Angels in a Dragon’s Den type scenario. Angel investment might come from a single investor or it could be 2 or 3 Angels pooling funds together to support a company. Any investments are in the form of an equity investment and not a debtor’s loan. Investments are made across all sectors.

DBA is sponsored by Saffery Champness Accountants, Ellis Jones Solicitors and Investec Wealth and Investment

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