KTPR celebrates 5 years in business!

Feb 13, 2019

KTPR celebrates 5 years in business!

I’ve been marking 5 years of KTPR in the last couple of weeks. I can’t believe where those 5 years have gone…time has literally flown by! Feeling incredibly lucky. I have an amazing, diverse mix of talented clients, many who have been with me for several years now. It’s been great to reflect on the successes that we have achieved together and the fun we’ve had along the way…

I’m thrilled that Nathan Ake has joined me in marking the 5th birthday of KTPR.  Nathan is of course AFC Bournemouth’s iconic number 5 and what better person to high five the business on this special celebration!

I love working in Bournemouth and further afield in Dorset.  I relocated to the town from Nottingham with my family back in 2011 and still pinch myself that we are living and working in such an amazing and beautiful place! Bournemouth is definitely a good place to set up a business with plenty of opportunities in the area. Home working is working out for me and it helps being just a ten minute walk to the most amazing beach at Alum Chine. If I’m ever lacking in inspiration, I take my i pad down with me to the beach hut and creativity abounds!

Nathan passed on his best wishes to me and said, “I’d like to congratulate Kate on 5 successful years in her PR business and wish her continued success in the future.”   Thanks Nathan! 🙂