The importance of uniting your team for increased productivity!

Sep 21, 2018

Businesses across the country are increasing their investment in employees as part of their wider CSR activities. RockReef Climbing activity attraction on Bournemouth Pier has long recognised the importance of team building as being productive for both employees and the businesses in which they work.

Simon Catley, Business Development Manager on Bournemouth Pier advised, “It is commonly known that capturing an office’s team spirit and challenging employees with activities outside of the workplace has proven to have a significantly positive and direct impact on productivity as a result of increasing staff well-being, morale and retention.”

Continuing Simon added, “We are proud of the corporate programmes that we have created at RockReef and the reputation that we have built with businesses in the local area.  Participating companies have reported that the team building activities that we facilitate can be used to effectively nurture working relationships, increase employee morale and improve team productivity.  Set away from the working environment, team building sessions allow relationships to develop; be that across teams, departments or entire companies. Often team members display skills not previously noticed within a corporate environment – it may even be possible for Managers to identify future leaders and innovators.

“Good communications within a company are incredibly important.  We have found that our corporate activities afford businesses’ team members the opportunity to communicate more freely and to get to know one another without the typical stresses of working life getting in the way.  Bonds that are developed inside the working environment, and reinforced outside it, are known to be stronger. Our activities encourage sharing of ideas, positive communications and collaboration amongst team members. Improving communication and creating stronger relationships amongst employees means that teams are far more likely to work efficiently together.”

Simon concluded, “The programmes that we offer are extremely flexible and can be specifically created for the needs of the participating business; whether a daytime session or after work session, we will work with you to maximise the benefits and see that staff enjoy their play time!  We can accommodate up to 60 employees at any one time, with a minimum number of 10.  A range of businesses have already seen the benefits, always reporting back to us that they had huge amounts of fun and that it made a real difference to their teams. We also have the option to feed and water teams during/after the activities at Key West Bar & Grill which is just next door at the end of the Pier.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Corporate programmes available on Bournemouth Pier is urged to contact Simon Catley at or Tel: 01202 237915